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What is Polyester Taffeta Fabric? Pros and Cons of Polyester Taffeta?

Sep. 26, 2023

Polyester Taffeta is a kind of polyester silk or imitation silk through the weaving way made of a thin fabric, but also can be used as clothing/luggage lining, some places also call this cloth taffeta, in the whole production process of polyester taffeta will go through the dyeing, embossing, as well as the coating and other processes, and because of the price is cheap to get a lot of competitiveness in the market, the next 3 Fabric Gallery to introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of this fabric and maintenance and washing methods. The next 3 fabric museums will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of polyester taffeta fabric and maintenance and washing methods.

Polyester Taffeta


What is polyester taffeta fabric? Advantages and disadvantages of polyester taffeta?


The advantages of polyester taffeta:

Because most polyester taffeta raw materials for polyester filament, so it has the same polyester with a bright appearance and smooth feel, polyester taffeta fabrics are washable, durable, and wear-resistant and have good elasticity, normal use of the fabric will not be wrinkled or shrinkage phenomenon; whether it is polyester or nylon raw materials, made of polyester taffeta prices are relatively inexpensive, the good characteristics of the fabric make polyester taffeta with a very high cost-effective.


The disadvantages of polyester taffeta:

The biggest disadvantage of polyester taffeta fabric is that moisture absorption and breathability are not good, but also very easy to produce static electricity in the fall and winter, which greatly affects the comfort of the fabric, so polyester taffeta in addition to the production of apparel, but also can be used to make bags and other products with little relationship with the comfort.


As mentioned before, polyester taffeta is often used for clothing fabrics and lining, including jackets, down jackets, etc, in addition, polyester taffeta is also used in handbags, tents tablecloths, etc., which can be seen that the use of polyester taffeta is quite extensive.


Polyester taffeta fabric in the washing time is now recommended to put laundry detergent in the water soaked, although this fabric is easy to wash, but also controls the washing strength, stains scrubbing is not clean, then you can apply a transparent soap with a brush after scrubbing, wash after rinsing with washing and wringing and drying, of course, if there is a washing machine at home, direct machine wash can be.

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