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Advantages And Disadvantages of Pure Cotton Fabrics

Jun. 13, 2024

Cotton fabric refers to the cotton content of more than 75% of the fabric, and cotton (100% cotton) concept of difference, cotton fabrics are mainly used in clothing textiles and other fields, we buy clothes will generally choose cotton, only knowing that cotton clothing advantages of many. What cotton fabrics have what advantages and disadvantages?

Cotton fabric


The advantages and disadvantages of cotton fabrics


The advantages of cotton fabrics:

1, cotton texture on the soft side, so cotton fabric clothing will be more comfortable to wear, the moisture content of cotton and skin affinity, and skin contact will not have a stiff feeling.

2, cotton fiber thermal conductivity is very low and high fiber porous elasticity, so cotton fabrics have a better warmth, most of the winter clothing uses cotton fabrics.

3, cotton fiber alkali resistance is good, this characteristic is very conducive to the dyeing of clothing, production, and processing, as well as washing and other aspects.

4, one of the characteristics of natural fibers is not to produce skin irritation, so no harm to the human body.


The disadvantages of cotton fabrics:

1. clothing is easy to wrinkle and recovery is relatively poor.

2. shrinkage is a major defect of cotton fabrics, clothes in many times after washing, the basic will appear shrinkage. After special processing of cotton fabrics can achieve the effect of not shrinking.

3. cotton clothes are easy to deform, such as short sleeves will appear elongated and so on, resulting in a greatly shortened life of the clothing.

4. clothes are easy to sticky hair and difficult to clean, not easy to clean the recommended tape dip in addition.

5. although alkali-resistant but not acid-resistant, avoid contact with vinegar and other acidic substances, easy to corrode clothing.

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