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What Fabrics Are Suitable for Medical Apparel?

Oct. 23, 2023

The nurses' uniforms worn by nurses, the white coats worn by doctors, and the surgical gowns worn by doctors during surgery all belong to medical uniforms. The special nature of the use scenario determines that medical uniforms must have special functions (radiation protection, anti-static, etc.), and we can divide them into two categories according to the fabrics used in medical uniforms, which are natural fabrics and non-natural fabrics.

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Which fabrics are suitable for medical clothing?


Natural medical care clothing fabrics

Cotton, linen, silk, and wool are more common natural fabrics, according to the wearing environment of medical care clothing, cotton is the most suitable for the production of medical care clothing fabric, but considering the cost rarely use cotton fabrics to produce medical care clothing, will be spun into other chemical fiber fabrics on the basis of cotton, so that the fabric not only has the breathability of cotton, while its abrasion resistance will be greatly enhanced, in the production process by special treatment to make the fabric With radiation-proof performance, is the preferred fabric for medical care clothing.


Non-natural medical care clothing fabrics

Non-natural fabrics mainly refer to chemical fiber fabrics (polyester, nylon, etc.), because these fabrics are more durable so more and more medical apparel brands are produced with non-natural fabrics, in addition to their prices are generally lower than natural fibers, and most of the commonly used medical apparel fabrics are synthetic fibers.


Non-natural fabrics are easy to color, so there are more options for the color of the garment, and the drape and stiffness are good. However, the disadvantages of non-natural fabrics are also very obvious. The heat and moisture absorption of some chemical fibers is also very limited, and the fabrics are easy to pilling and static electricity.


What are the functions of medical clothing:

Because the wearing environment is more bacteria, anti-bacterial function is an essential function, otherwise, the patient and the doctor's clothes will be attached to a large number of bacteria, and a long time wearing words may make people sick. Anti-radiation and anti-static function is also medical clothing need to have, surgery will be more or less radiation, including some medical treatment instruments will also have radiation, with radiation protection function of the protective clothing can largely reduce the radiation on the human body, and finally is required to clothing best to absorb moisture and sweat.

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