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What Kind of Fabric Is Poplin?

Nov. 14, 2023

Poplin is a kind of clothing fabric that originated in Shandong, at that time only nobles or officials could have this kind of fabric, its feel and appearance were very similar to silk, belonged to the high-grade clothing fabric, poplin production of raw materials were generally pure cotton or polyester cotton, etc., its classification is also more, according to the different yarn will poplin into yarn poplin, half line poplin and line poplin these 3 kinds, of course, there are also other classification. There are also other classifications. The following article will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of poplin fabric and its uses.


What is poplin fabric? The advantages and disadvantages of poplin fabric?

Poplin fabric


The advantages of poplin fabric:

Because there are more kinds of poplin, when you buy it, there are a lot of styles to choose from, jacquard, prints all kinds of styles, rich colors, and beautiful colors make poplin fabric look more noble. Poplin is a kind of plain cotton fabric, the structure between the tissue is closely arranged, and the surface texture is very clear and has the texture of silk, poplin is not easy to fade so the fabric life is long.


The disadvantages of poplin fabric:

The main disadvantage of poplin is that the strength of the horizontal and vertical is not consistent, which invariably increases the difficulty of sewing poplin, so the price of poplin will also increase.


The use of poplin:

Today, the use of poplin is becoming more and more widespread, low-density poplin is suitable for use as lining and making pockets, while high-density can be used to do shirts and outerwear because the processing of poplin will go through the rain, sun protection, and other processing, poplin raincoat is also gradually popular, in some high-end fabric soft decoration will also use poplin.

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