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What Is The Difference Between Color Woven Fabric And Dyed Fabric?

Jan. 19, 2024

What is the difference between color woven fabric and dyed fabric?

For large-scale production of clothing factories, they often need to buy a lot of fabric, these fabrics are usually colored, but these colored fabrics can usually be divided into two kinds, namely, woven fabrics and dyed fabrics. For people who don't know about fabrics, it's hard for them to distinguish these two kinds of fabrics, so what is the difference between color-woven fabrics and dyed fabrics?

The difference between these two kinds of fabrics is mainly in the dyeing process and the order. For color woven fabric, this kind of fabric is woven with dyed yarn, which means that before making this kind of fabric, people need to dye the yarn for making this kind of fabric in advance. For dyed fabrics, people don't need to dye the yarns in advance before knitting them into this fabric, and the dyeing step of this fabric is started after the fabric is knitted.

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What are the advantages of color-woven fabric?

Because the color woven fabric is knitted with dyed yarn, the color of this fabric will be richer, and the color fastness of this fabric is also very high, the three-dimensional sense is also very strong, and it is very suitable for the production of those who have more strict requirements on the color of the clothing, and this kind of clothing is also very popular.

After reading the above, I believe we all know what is the difference between this color woven fabric and dyed fabric. Many people in the choice of clothing are more inclined to color woven fabric made of clothing, because this kind of clothing is more colorful, and color fastness is also relatively high, but the price of this type of clothing will generally be a little higher than the price of ordinary clothes.

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