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What Is Brushed Fabric? What Are The Characteristics of Brushed Fabrics?

Aug. 09, 2023

In today's apparel products, there is a very special brushed fabric in the market that is very popular. This special brushed fabric can often give a soft and comfortable feeling, and the overall texture of the performance the very three-dimensional, so this fabric made of clothing in the market is very popular with consumers. But many people do not know what is brushed fabric and what are the characteristics of brushed fabrics.

Brushed fabric

What is brushed fabric?

Brushed fabrics are made by deep processing of cotton fabrics. In the process of processing this material needs to be abrasive machine and emery skin, its friction effect to make it produce the effect of abrasion. This material because of the subsequent use of special processing technology, the whole product is not as easy as ordinary wool as the phenomenon of pilling and hair loss.

What are the characteristics of brushed fabrics?

There are a lot of special features that distinguish the brushed material from the traditional cotton material through the special friction process. The pattern of this material will be more colorful and realistic because it uses the special technology of active printing; Secondly, because it is after the friction effect, there is a short fluff, so it has better thermal insulation properties, that is to say, the warmth of this material is better; Finally, the service life of this material is particularly long, because in the early stage after the friction of the hair of the technical processing, the abrasion of woolen fabric fabrics in the washing or after rubbing Generally will not ball, so the fabric will be much easier to take care of.

Finally, what do I need to pay attention to when choosing brushed materials?

Woolen fabrics are more common in the market now, but there are some real and some fake ones. When choosing this kind of material, you should pay special attention to understanding the formation of the embryonic fabric and look carefully at the pattern and the pilling situation of the fabric. We are a brushed fabric supplier. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now!

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