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What Are The Advantages Of Blended Fabrics?

Jun. 28, 2024

Blended fabric refers to the use of two or more kinds of fabrics blended and woven, common types of blending are cotton and wool blended, polyester and cotton blended, cotton and linen blended, chemical fiber blended and wool and sticky blended, etc. The advantages of different blended fabrics are different, this article Shuolan textile factory will introduce to you what are the advantages of various types of fabric blended.


What are the advantages of blended fabrics


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1. Cotton and wool blended:

Cotton and wool blended fabrics will have some characteristics of cotton and wool at the same time, here the wool generally refers to wool, wool fiber rigidity and excellent warmth, cotton comfortable moisture absorption, blended fabrics will have these characteristics at the same time, the specific strength is based on the proportion of blending decision.


2. Polyester-cotton blend:

One of the advantages of the stiff and durable polyester-cotton blended fabrics, is polyester-cotton blended clothing is easy to dry and simple to maintain, for this reason is also loved by many consumers. The current ratio of polyester-cotton blend is no longer a fixed 65:35, now can be based on the needs of users to decide the proportion of the blend.


3. Cotton and linen blend:

One of the advantages of cotton and linen blends is that the price is cheaper than other blended fabrics, cotton and linen blended fabrics are mainly used for summer clothing, clothing with breathable and comfortable and other characteristics.


4. Chemical fiber blends:

Chemical fiber can be roughly divided into man-made fibers and synthetic fibers, the difference between them is the source of raw materials, the production cost of such fabrics is lower, the fabric is durable and easy to take care of.


5. TR blended:

T / R fabrics for polyester viscose blended fabrics, fabrics at the same time have polyester and viscose characteristics, when the polyester ratio is higher than 50%, the fabric will have a higher wrinkle resistance, size is relatively stable and not easy to be stretched, the fabric surface will be relatively flat, the addition of viscose fibers also make blended textiles have better breathability, and the fabric is not easy to pilling and static electricity.

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