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What Is The Production Process of Woven Fabrics?

Mar. 15, 2024

Woven fabric is a material often used in the field of clothing, this material is made into clothes, wear very light, and particularly sweat-absorbent. However, many people are curious about how the production process of woven fabric is like.


What is the production process of woven fabrics?

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Pre-treatment part


This part is mainly to turn the seam, the second step is to desizing, the third step is to come to burn wool, the fourth step is to shape the fabric, the fifth step is to intentionally bleach, is to mercerize the fabric. Then after the mercerization, if the surface of the fabric has the requirement of brushing, then it needs to continue brushing.


Dyeing part


Cotton fabric dyeing is now mainly long car contact rolling dyeing, with water tank dyeing is no longer the mainstream here. Dyeing is a special process, but it is the most important. This part is divided into the front car dyeing, and the back car solid color.


After-treatment part


Because the cotton fabric has gone through a long car in the pre-treatment and dyeing, it should be softened and stretched in this step, which also requires pre-shrinkage, and a little finishing according to the customer's requirements.


Final product inspection


The subsequent processing part after testing, dyeing, pre-shrinking and other processes, the next is to wait for the customer to accept. The acceptance is based on the shrinkage rate, coloration, and intrinsic indexes proposed by the customer at the beginning. The most important thing is that the color code must be qualified, and the product inspection must also be passed. In the inspection, customers generally recognize the standard inspection of the 4-point system. It can be said that the production process of woven fabrics is roughly these 4 parts, among which the most important part is the dyeing part.


Weaving process: spinning → sizing → weaving → quality inspection → storage

Printing and dyeing process: practice, bleaching (burning, desizing, bleaching, mercerizing) → dyeing → printing → finishing

Finished product process: fabric and auxiliary materials into the factory inspection → technical preparation → cutting → sewing → locking eyes nail buttoning → ironing → garment inspection → packaging → into storage or out of transport

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