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What Are The Differences Between Reactive And Normal Printing And Dyeing?

Dec. 21, 2023

Ordinary printing and dyeing and reactive printing and dyeing are two relatively common printing and dyeing methods, but many people are not clear what the difference between them, so that you can have a better understanding of these two printing and dyeing methods, this article will give you an introduction to their characteristics and differences


CVC 60/40 printed poplin shirt fabric

What are the differences between reactive printing and dyeing and ordinary printing and dyeing?


The principle of reactive printing and dyeing is that the active genes in the dyestuff will react with the fibers of the dyed material. The advantage of this is that the dyestuff can be perfectly integrated with the fabric, and the fading and color loss of the fabric can be minimized, which cannot be done by ordinary printing and dyeing. Of course, after active printing and dyeing treatment, the fabric will also have a better cleanliness and dust release, but the process of active printing and dyeing is complicated, the cost of dyestuff is high, so the cost of active printing and dyeing is naturally higher than ordinary printing and dyeing.


Ordinary printing and dyeing is also known as paint printing and dyeing, the traditional way is to add paint directly to the fabric, the color fastness of this printing and dyeing method is not too high, and it is easy to fade after wearing or washing for a long time, and ordinary printing and dyeing will affect the feel of the fabric itself, and it is not as good as active printing and dyeing in terms of color and softness, so the cost of printing and dyeing is relatively low, and some dyes are even harmful to the human body, so in the Therefore, it is recommended to choose reactive printing and dyeing in the choice of printing and dyeing method.


Of course, the quality of the fabric is determined by a variety of factors, including the material characteristics of the fabric itself and the weaving method, so when buying fabric, you need to consider a variety of factors

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